Simon Faithfull at Private Choices, Bruxelles

Private Choices



Simon Faithfull / ’44’ / video – 44 mn / 2005 /


11 Brussels collections of contemporary art

Private Choices lifts the veil on a significant aspect of art: contemporary art collections and its initiators, the art lovers. The latter play an increasingly important role in the constantly growing art world and, in the era of disproportionate commercialisation and globalisation of the art market, these passionate people invest time and money in contemporary creation, often lavishly.

This project sheds light on 11 Brussels collections including works by Belgian and international artists, both confirmed and emerging, in an attempt at showcasing the specificity of each one. Through a selection process carried out hand in hand with the collectors, we discover a facet of their vision of art and life.

For more information: Centrale for contemporary art

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